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HLL type brake wheel elastic pin coupling

HLL type brake wheel elastic pin coupling

This coupling has been listed as a national standard GB5014-85, suitable for all kinds of mechanical connecting two coaxial shaft, usually used to frequent low-speed exercise. Working temperature-20 ~+80 ° c; passed the nominal torque of 40~20000N.m.
    elastic pin coupling with a larger structure is simple, reasonable, convenient maintenance and two interchangeable, long life, permit larger axial movement, with cushioning, shock absorption, abrasion resistant properties. Type of cylindrical holes
    axis (Y) round, (Z) and short cylindrical (J). Bore and keyway according to standard GB3852-83 the coupling shaft pillar and the provisions of the form and dimensions of the keyway processing. Half coupling precision casting, HT20-40 of cast iron and cast steel ZG35 ⅱ, bores and keyways drawing forming, pin made of MC nylon b.
    elastic pin coupling is the use of some non-metallic pin made of elastic material, placed in two half coupling flange holes, two half coupling through PIN, the coupling is simple in structure, easy to build, disassemble to replace the elastic element would be convenient, without moving the two half-couplings. Elastic components (PIN) of the material generally used nylon, trace offset compensation of two axes, are cut in an elastic piece of work, very poor reliability, apply only to very low speed shaft, do not apply to working conditions with high reliability requirements.


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