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Coupling common knowledge

one, common types of coupling characteristics of
rigid coupling: rigid coupling does not have a relative shift of compensation are two axis, nor does it have the shock performance; it is both simple and cheap. Only when the load smoothly, speed and stability, can guarantee the relative offset by two axis minimum case can only use rigid couplings.
flexible coupling with no elastic components: capacity, but nor does it have the shock performances at high speed, or when speed is not stable or regular, reverse, impact noise. Suitable for low-speed, heavy load, speed stable situations.
safety coupling: the structural characteristics are, there is an insurance component (such as pin connection), which can only sustain limit loads. When the load exceeds the prior limit loads, insurance links change, truncated motion and power transfer, so as to protect the rest of the machine is not damaged, for safety protection.

II, coupling
coupling is used to link two axial torque and moving parts and has some ability to compensate shaft offsets, in order to reduce vibrations and reduce the impact of mechanical transmission system peak load, coupling should have a certain degree of shock performance. Coupling is sometimes a combination of role overload protection.

three, and coupling of select

Select coupling Shi, main needed consider following several requirements:
on neutral: on neutral good selected rigid coupling, needed compensation Shi selected flexible sex coupling;
loaded split: consider loaded split convenient, selected can directly radial mobile of coupling;
environment: If in high temperature Xia work, not selected has non-metallic components of coupling;
cost: equal conditions Xia, as select price low, maintenance simple of coupling


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