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How to disassemble and clean the shaft coupling

coupling long-term use or if a fault occurs, the coupling is maintenance, cleaning, this can effectively extend the service life of the coupling and dramatically increase your productivity.

due to the variety of coupling structure varies, so before the coupling demolition, to the position of the coupling between the various parts work together to make some mark, when replying to reference. Coupling for high speed machine, the bolt after weighing, marking must be clear and not make a mistake.

General methods of disassembly:

Disassembly coupling is usually to remove the bolt. As the thread surface deposits a layer of grease, corrosion products and other sediments, is that bolt is not easy to remove, especially for serious rust bolt removal is very difficult. Bolt disassembly must choose the right tool, because bolt hex or hex bearing surface has been skidding damage and demolition will be even more difficult. For bolt already more rust or grease, solvent spray often joins bolt and nut, let the solvent into the thread to, so easy to disassemble. If not remove bolts can be used to heat, heating temperature is generally controlled at 200 deg. By heating the nuts and bolts to increase the space between, rust is also easy to fall down, make bolt disassembly easier. When using the above approaches will not work, only the damaged bolts, cut off or bolt drilled out, at the time of Assembly, replaced with new bolts. Bolts must be bolted to the original use of the new specification, coupling bolt of the new replacement for high speed devices, must also be weighed, the new bolt flange bolt on weight with the same group.
coupling demolition process, under the most difficult task was removed from the axle hub. For key joins wheels, generally with three-legged puller or four-leg puller for disassembly. The puller should be chosen and wheels match the dimensions of, Lama foot right angle hook and wheel combination of rear side to the right, on exertion without slippage. This method is only used for interference removal of smaller wheels, to fit larger wheels, often using heating method, or in keeping with hydraulic jacks for the demolition.
all the parts of the coupling is washing, cleaning and the quality assessment is coupling demolition after an extremely important work. Evaluation refers to the parts of the parts after the operation, its size, shape, and material properties of the existing situation and parts design determination of quality standards, determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts should be repaired using, which belongs to should discard and replacement of parts. If the part appears damaged or does not meet eligibility requirements should be replaced with new parts in time, avoid unnecessary trouble.


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