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Importance of coupling in transmission systems and the role of

with the development of industry, production and growing demand, production is diversified, flexible coupling to improve drive performance, guarantee the reliability, extend equipment life, vibration, buffer, reducing noise, energy saving, improving transmission efficiency and other features, is being recognized by more and more technicians.

coupling is joining two shafts and rotor or shaft, transmitting motion and power (torque) in the process of turning without disconnecting a device, in the transfer process does not change the direction of rotation and the size of the torque, which is the common features of all types of coupling.

the function and role of various types of coupling in transmission system varies, but common basic functions for the transmitted torque and motion. So is widely used, for example, heavy machinery, metallurgy, machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery, textile machinery, light industry, machinery, printing machinery, automobiles, tractors, locomotives, ships, machine tools, water pumps, fans, compressors, mechanical products used shaft drive coupling, its main function is to transfer torque.

used in precision machinery, as well as the coupling of manipulation, control and Instrumentation equipment, torque is very small, the main function is to join two-axis passing and movement, requires passing accuracy, should have higher torque stiffness, metallic elastic elements are commonly used to remove the half coupling relative torsion angle caused by transmission errors.

technology and industrial of development, promote has power, and high-speed, and high temperature, and high precision and vulgar, and overload mechanical products and mechanical equipment of development, corresponds to for these special workers condition conditions Xia drive system coupling of function and role, proposed has new of integrated requirements, except joins two axis, passed turned moment or movement outside, also requirements has compensation two axis relative offset, and reduction vibration, and buffer, and improve drive efficiency, improve drive precision, reduced noise, and energy-saving, and improved drive system work performance, And coupling is simple in structure, process performance, high reliability, ease of manufacture and low prices, easy maintenance, Assembly and disassembly easy half coupling is not required when replacing wearing parts for axis moves, requests for product design, scientific and technical personnel at home and abroad continue to develop different characteristics of the flexible coupling, to savage the different transmission system of mechanical product needs.


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