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HL,TL coupling and applicability?

&Nbsp;     elastic coupling has good of compensation axis to, reduction vibration performance better, radial and angle to axis offset performance, structure simple, work smooth reliable, no noise, not needed lubrication, maintenance simple, handling convenient, process sex good, cost low, life long, can derived for variety structure form, general performance good, applies range wide, convenient promotion, the coupling most highlight of advantages one of is just its for Yu axis on in the installation difficult, Requirements as reduced auxiliary work of work environment.
elastic coupling applies range extremely widely, involved people economic of all field area, except high temperature, high-speed special workers condition outside, various mechanical products axis Department drive are can applies, can applies Yu, mine, metallurgical lifting, transport, chemical, ship, oil, traffic, farm machinery, textile, light, printing machine and pump, compressor, wind machine, machine reducer, mechanical equipment amount industry axis Department drive in the, Will gradually replace the use of a wide range of plum-shaped elastic couplings, elastic pin coupling with elastic sleeve pin coupling with elastic pin gear type coupling, new types of flexible couplings, roller chain couplings and teeth-formula shaft coupling, the corresponding specifications in the standard coupling. products are durable, easy to install, use is broad.

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