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Torque calculation and selection of coupling

Transmission system of engine power should be greater than the workpiece machine power required. According to the engine's power and speed can be calculated is connected with the power of high-speed end theory a short moment t; k according to operating conditions and other relevant factors, calculation of coupling torque Tc can be calculated. Coupling t inversely proportional to n, so low end t is greater than high speed end-t. Coupling model of
primary. According to the calculated torque Tc, can be selected from the standard series of similar nominal torque Tn, selection should meet the Tn ≥ Tc. Preliminary model of the selected coupling, coupling can be found from the standard speed [n] d, axial and radial dimensions dimensions L0, meet the coupling speed n [n].
depending on shaft diameter adjustment model. Initial selection of the coupling size, shaft hole diameter d and the bore length l shall comply with the request of the master, the driven end shaft diameter, or according to the specifications of the shaft diameter d adjusting the coupling. Master and slave-side shaft diameter not the same is a common phenomenon, when the same torque, speed, master, slave end shaft diameter when it is not the same, should be a large size select the coupling type. In the new design of the transmission system, should choose the seven hole type specified in the GB/T3852, type J1 axis hole is recommended to enhance versatility and interchangeability, shaft couplings product standard requirements the hole length.
Select a join type. The choice of coupling type depends on, driven end shaft type of join, key join is generally used to unify key connection type and code, provides for seven types of keyway in the GB/T3852 type, four kinds of keyless connection, with more type a key.
the selected coupling type, type and specifications. According to the engine and coupling factors such as type of load, speed, work environment, the selected coupling based on coupling factors such as support, join the selected coupling type; according to the nominal torque, shaft diameter and bore length specification is selected. In order to ensure the strength of shafts and keys, the selected coupling model, calculation of strength check of shafts and keys, to finalize the coupling model.

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