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How to coupling the pump installation and replacement

ready to work

1, check the coupling

If the output spindle coupling has been removed, again when the coupling is installed, you must use the micrometer adjustment to ensure the output shaft with the shaft, 0.05mm, note the coaxial degree. Such as different axis will cause vibration.

2, check whether the protective cover has been fixed.

3, loading high pressure oil pump.

use random loading with high voltage reliably clamped to the fuel injection pump test-bed on the countertop, and connected to the main shaft coupling, and then connect the tester between the pump and the tubing. If the fuel pump is the pump, need 12V/24V power socket connect to the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump coil, and select the appropriate voltage switch.

4, oil injection test

test console open side doors on both sides. Pay attention to oil level display tube, not to oil flows from the tube. Pull out the tank and injected into the fuel tank 60 litres of oil test.

5, connect the power cord

to ensure that departments under test on the main power switch is in the "o" position, open the lower part of the back door, no power capacity suitable for three-phase four-wire cable from the end of test holes into power strips. If there is good ground for users, please introduce the ground wires together. Please find not wired on terminals on the right side of the lower r, s, t, o, or g (ground) terminal five. Note products factory Shi has will o and g (or to) two Terminal short received, has good ground of user, please will short wiring removed, put introduced of ground reliable to even to g (or to) Terminal Shang, put three-phase four line of 0 line feasible even to o Terminal Shang; no good ground of user, don't removed short wiring, please directly put introduced of three-phase four line of 0 line reliable to even to o end Shang. Three-phase three-phase four-wire line reliably in order to r, s, t are three terminals (a Terminal on a line), to ensure that no short circuit connection. Close the back door.

test host

of three-phase four-wire on the other end of the cable (three phase and four wire plug), automatic protection switch connected to the grid and close automatic protection switching to test transmission.

1, spindle rotation direction select

depending on the injection pump rotation direction of the clamp, test-bed on both sides of the spindle rotation direction selector switch (l for left, r for right) select the appropriate direction.

2, power to observe

the master power switch on the back door from the "1", the tester is powered on, led light on the meter indicating that the system has to work.

3, and oil system of debugging

in instrument by pump motor started button, its just lamp glow, that fuel pump motor began work, at note observation fuel pump motor of spin to whether and fuel for pump Shang by standard direction consistent, by Xia fuel pump motor stop button, again off test Taiwan Hou Department of main power switch (reset "o" bit), and put to test Taiwan power of three-phase four line cable and grid disconnect (that disconnect automatically protection switch). To open a test console electric control door, found three phase line r, s, t are three terminals, connecting any two phase leads Exchange Terminal (commutation) and reliably connected, ensure that the short-circuit connections. Turn off electric control door, and then duplicate the work of 1, 2, 3. Fuel pump motor rotation direction with the marked line on the pump. Tests find the front panel fuel control valve, clockwise, on the low pressure gauge will indicate the fuel low pressure, counterclockwise, on the pressure gauge will indicate fuel pressure (should be blocked oil return).

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