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Deviation of the coupling problem

1, flexible couplings transmit torque and rotation angle, while absorbing safety deviations of the shaft when installing deviation exceeds the allowable values, may cause vibration or result in shortened life expectancy of the coupling, so be sure to adjust the deviation of.
2, has three axis deviation and radial deviation, respectively angular misalignment and axial misalignment. Please adjust the deviation below the permitted level for each product listed in the specifications table.
3, the values refer to the maximum deviation allowed only in case of a deviation exists when two or more types of errors exist, allowable value should be lower than the maximum deviation in the specifications table of 1/2.
4, bias does not only occur in the Assembly, the vibration in the work process, thermal expansion, bearing wear can cause deviations. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust axial deviation below a maximum of 1/3.

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