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Flexible coupling damage

the highly flexible coupling, used to power mechanical master-slave shafting elastic joints. Week to are column of elastic drum shaped tooth type coupling 1 joins Yu coupling of master-slave hub body 4, and 5, by more unit wire twisted collection line by metal splint solid joint into of elastic components of spiral ring elastic body constitute has coupling master-slave hub body between ring free deformation space, coupling master-slave hub body in axis to, and radial and axis dip, direction through ring free deformation space constitute elastic displacement compensation features. For ship main and auxiliary engines, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, electric couplings and hydraulic motors drive shafts of all types of power equipment, such as joins.

recent torsional vibration test on board, GICLZ-intermediate shaft drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling, coupling from the test results the torsional vibration characteristics with respect to permissible values are small, but continuous coupling damage troubleshooting quality issues and torsional vibration, but generally what factors can cause damage to the coupling?

1, principle: high elasticity the main elastic pin coupling with elastic pin coupling drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling is the reverse bearing rubber components, rubber components can be designed as single row or multiple rows, the stiffness of rubber components and a variety of standard options, can greatly range meet the torsional vibration calculation determined by the stiffness. In the ship power system using high elastic pin coupling coupling the main purpose is to transfer power and torque to compensate radial, axial and angular misalignment compensation oscillations of rotating momentum. Adjust the system natural frequency. High elastic elastic pin coupling with a light weight, easy to install, the displacement of large amount of compensation, damping, shock absorption characteristics and FM capabilities can be used to protect the main clutch, gearbox and shafting.

2, the analysis:
1) coupling with elastic pin coupling shock absorber sinking, cause shaft misalignment, and produce extra torque! For new ships that can be large.
2) high play elastic column pin coupling rubber drum shaped tooth type coupling fever fracture accident;
3) match problem: only axis Department in the of all equipment, as diesel engine, and high elastic coupling, and gear box, and axis Department other parts, and propeller, are has good of design and each other added and support, are their improve design elastic cancellation coupling level coupling of select, such design out of ship is real meaning Shang of quality of ship.
4) drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling; reasons are complex, but also concrete analysis of concrete conditions.

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