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Introduction to several common coupling on the market today

trades more and more nowadays, manufacturers need to wide variety of types of couplings, also, here occurred mainly in the market and the use of couplings.

star-shaped flexible coupling elastic polyurethane plastic components, has the advantages of cushioning, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, easy, working temperature -35~+80 degrees. Interchangeable with ROTEX coupling of West Germany. Polyurethane elastomer is limited by protruding claws can be avoided due to the impact of external deformation of internal deformation and centrifugal force; claw large concave, involute surface pressure is very small, even under overload on gear tooth will not wear or deformation.

huge torque drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling bearing impact performance, but the tooth surface contact stress and tooth root bending fatigue strength for high, if we take the special structure, materials, special processes, the coupling will be able to meet the requirements of large-diameter pipe mill. With China economic of development, big diameter rolling tube machine needs increased, its main drive using coupling of requirements also increasingly high, meet the requirements of coupling has cross type million to coupling and big turned moment drum shaped tooth type coupling, which cross type million to coupling turned moment can reached, but hosted impact performance poor, and life short, this is a is big of shortcomings; currently domestic mill with of standard coupling cannot meet requirements, only reached needs transmitting turned moment of 1/2~1/3, abroad coupling professional manufacturer can meet requirements, But because it uses a special technology, coupled with manufacturing difficulties, so prices are extremely expensive.

elastic pin gear type coupling with two-axis offset certain compensation performance, suitable for medium and high power transmission, does not apply to the shock absorber has certain requirements and the noise needs to rein in the work site. Elastic column pin tooth type coupling is using several non-metallic material made of column pin, placed two half coupling and outside ring within surface Zhijian of on collection hole in the, through column pin passed turned moment achieved two half coupling joins, the coupling has following features: passed turned moment big, in same turned moment Shi Rotary diameter most than tooth type coupling small, volume small, quality light, can part instead of tooth type coupling, and tooth type coupling compared, structure simple, composition parts less, manufacturing more convenient, without gear processing machine. Easy maintenance, longer life expectancy, remove bezel to replace nylon pin, nylon PIN for smooth material, without lubrication, not only saving oil and clean work environment. Deficiency is poor vibration reduction, noise, low cost, cheap, transportation machinery, metallurgical machinery is widely used.

small universal coupling used to pass are not on the same axis motion, a single type (WSD), double (WS), telescopic type (WSS), leveller (WHL and the WSL); material, 40Cr, 45# steel, stainless steel, etc; surface for blackening, nickel plating, zinc plating treatment.
WSD coupling materials: WSD cross shaft alloy steel (40Cr, 40CrNi, 20CrMo, 20CrMnVB) made 58~62HRC hardness after heat treatment, and other parts are made of 35 or 45 steel and heat treatment 48~52HRC. WSD axis forms two ends: when using the same holes on both ends, cylindrical bore, keyway cylinder hole, square hole; when using different holes at both ends, have a cylindrical bore and cylindrical bore with keyway, cylindrical bore and square holes, cylindrical with keyway hole with three square holes.

nylon ring gear tooth coupling gear materials using MC nylon, outer sleeve, 45th, forged steel, with small size, light weight, small moment of inertia, low noise, easy to Assembly and disassembly, do not lubricate the advantages of environment of small torque can be applied to working conditions, such as fans, pumps, lubricating pump, textile machinery and other.

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