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Points for attention when choosing a universal coupling

universal coupling apply to connected space on the same plane two-axis angle β ≤ 45o drive, passing the nominal torque 11.2-1120N.m.WSD for cross universal coupling, WS for the double cross universal coupling maximum axial angle of 45o between each section. Finished bore H7, available on request, open keyways, hexagonal hole and four hole. Allow the angle between the two axis changes with needs within a limited range.

universal coupling selection considering the required transfer shaft speed of height, load, is joining two components of precision, Rotary stability, price, etc. You can consider the following points when you choose:
1. due to manufacturing, installation, deformation and temperature changes and other reasons, when after installation and adjustment, it is difficult to maintain the rigor of the two axis. There is a certain degree of displacement of x and y direction and oblique angle CI. When the radial displacement is larger, optional slide couplings, angular displacements or join optional universal coupling two axes that intersect. When working in the process when two more additional relative displacement of the shaft, flexible coupling should be used.
2. centrifugal force caused by the coupling of the rotational speed and the size. For the high-speed drive shaft, high balancing precision coupling should be used, such as diaphragm coupling, and unsuitable slider is eccentric coupling.
3. delivered the torque required size and nature as well as the requirements of buffering the vibration function.

universal coupling due to its deviation angle and high torque characteristics, are widely used in all kinds of General machinery applications. Common type of universal coupling: General purpose, high speed, micro, scalable, high torque universal coupling, and many other types. WS. WSD applies to join two of the small cross-shaft universal coupling shaft axes β ≤ 45 ° angle drive line; delivery 11.2~1120N • nominal torque m cross shaft universal coupling and double cross universal coupling.

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