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Polygon characteristics of rubber-type coupling

its rubber polyurethane material used, polyurethane high temperature, long service life and simple structure, damping performance, and many other features, so use the polyurethane material most of the coupling with very high stability, life will be longer.

this simple structure, easy Assembly and disassembly coupling, without lubrication maintenance, good elasticity, good vibration cushion performance of compensation of shaft displacement, can be used as a flexible universal joint use and high efficiency, noise-free, suitable for medium and small torque are dust and moisture environment, working temperature range is-30-60 degrees. This coupling has standardized production,

called LD polygonal rubber coupling, the standard number is JB/T5512-1991, a total of 11 kinds of specifications, LD1-LD6 uses a hexagonal ring, octagonal LD7-LD11 sealing ring. The allowable relative torsion angle of 4 °. Allowable angular compensation of up to 5 °; filament 2-3 times the nominal torque of the torque is not greater.

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