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Coupling bores and their connection size analysis, introduction

coupling of many species, sensitive types of coupling principle has its own characteristics, but they are some of the basic information is the same.

shaft drive usually consists of one or several connected with main and the driven shaft coupling, shaft drive system is formed to pass on rotation or movement. Coupling is mainly due to the shaft of the motor, reducer and machine connected bore form, form and size depending on the type and size of the connecting shaft, product design is usually cylindrical and conical shafts deep international standard design of axial, axial shaft standard against the design.

series of various forms of coupling in structural design and design, to torque the size, structure and hub based on the strength of the coupling, determine the scope of a specification coupling shaft hole (the maximum and minimum axis hole) and the length of the shaft hole, each specification is only one length of the shaft hole. In other countries, regardless of which State in production of standard coupling in different coupling are only a shaft hole for each specification coupling length. Due to the GB/T3852 of misleading coupling products of every specification of the standard corresponds to a variety of shaft as the shaft hole changes the length of the hole, foreign joint standards into our standard plus a variety of bore length, seems to be the only way to be completely transformed.

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